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On this page, you’ll find all the details you need in order to successfully use the Tactical Athlete Nutrition +Performance website portal and app.

Information for ALL clients:

  1. On your phone, be sure you have notifications for the OnlinePersonalTraining app turned ON.

  2. Make it easier on yourself by positioning the app somewhere where you can see if you have a notification.

    Don’t leave it on the 7th page of your apps if you’ll never look at it there. Make it easier on yourself by positioning the app somewhere where you can see if you have a notification.



How to change your password for the app/website portal:

  1. Login to the website with your email address and the password that I emailed you.

  2. Scroll down and click on “My Account”

  3. Type in the old password that I emailed you, and then type in your new password twice.

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Daily Tasks and Homepage


When you open the app, you’ll see the next 3 tasks you need to complete, but they are NOT necessarily for that particular day.

Click the schedule tab at the bottom of the app to learn exactly what you need to complete that day.

How to share your workouts and step count in the app with me:

  1. Click on the schedule tab at the bottom of the app to see your tasks for today. Open the task titled “Record your workout and daily steps”

  2. Click the hteal button titled “start workout”

  3. Swipe right to left

  4. Click the pencil icon to write the type of workout you completed, the duration or distance (if a run/walk), and the calories burned if you wear a smart watch

  5. Click “save set”

  6. When you see the “Daily Step Count” screen, click the pencil next to “total steps” and write your daily step count

  7. Click “save set”

  8. Mark your workout as complete



How to access video and PDF Trainings


I will be providing resources (like video trainings and worksheets) as we work together.

You can find all of these under the coaching tab of the website portal and app. All PDF worksheets are editable IF you access them via the website portal if you download them to your computer first.


You will get an email when I add new trainings to your account.

Where to find the calendar link to book coaching calls

  1. Open the app

  2. Click on the Coaching Tab at the bottom

  3. Click on “text documents”

  4. Open “Link to book coaching calls”

  5. Hold down the link and click “open link”

How to Update your Results

  1. You will get a prompt every Saturday morning to update your weight and measurements. You will get a prompt once a month to update your photos.

  2. You can also click the tracking tab at the bottom right corner of the app to view or add results.

  3. Click on the data you want to update (either weight, chest, hip, or waist circumference)

  4. Click “Add Results”

  5. Type in your weight or measurement

  6. Click Save




*If you open a piece of data (for example body weight) and click on CHART, you can look at the overall trend of your results over time


Information for Clients Tracking Macros

How to Sync your MFP to the App

  1. Login to the Client Login section of the Tactical Athlete Website. You CANNOT sync MFP to the app through the app. It must be done through the Tactical Athlete  website “client login” section!

  2. Click “add ons”

  3. Click “My Fitness Pal”

  4. Click “Setup”

  5. Change the settings in your MFP diary so your diary is set to PUBLIC. You can learn how to do that HERE.

  6. Copy your diary URL (see the example in the image to the right) and paste it into the Tactical Athlete Portal link area

  7. Click connect


Information for Clients focusing on Habits

How to share photos of your meals

  1. Open the Tactical Athlete App

  2. Click the tracking tab

  3. Click on “Food Diary”

  4. Click “Add Meal”

  5. Write the meal type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) and add a description if it’s difficult to tell what’s on your plate

  6. Click “Add photo”

  7. Take a picture of your plate or choose a photo from your camera roll

  8. Click Save

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