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To empower the Tactical Athlete, through individualization and education, to understand and manage their personal nutrition, physical ability and mental health, for building healthy habits, optimal performance, and long-term health.

"Fueled for Duty"

Who are Tactical Athletes?

Tactical Athletes are high performing athletes, such as fire, police and military, who across the nation are experiencing less than desirable results with fitness, mental health, and overall wellness. They are continually under severe physical and mental stress between work, home and otherwise and their athletic readiness, physically, nutritionally and mentally are continually put to the test. 

Throughout numerous studies on the health and well-being of individuals, it has become knowingly obvious that you can’t out-train a bad diet. The application of research-based nutrition programs has been shown to increase the quality of life to the majority of individuals, both physically and mentally.


The additional on the job stressors that affect Tactical Athletes individual well-being, has created a need to provide advanced individual nutritional coaching and education in order to perform their job during the most important times at their highest potential, maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of health conditions and chronic disease that are associated with their career.

Why use Tactical Athlete Nutrition +Performance?


Often nutrition and physical training is overlooked, which has led to an increase in many preventable health problems, including but not limited to; obesity, CVD, diabetes, stroke, and mental health issues. NFPA research (2019) found that sudden cardiac death accounts for 40% of on the job deaths in firefighters. In addition, it was found that 73-88% of firefighters are overweight or obese (which is a similar statistic to the general population of America, as the CDC shows that 70% of the population is overweight or obese). 


Proper nutrition and physical training increases strength, lean muscle mass, energy, and conditioning levels. It increases mental capacity and alertness. It increases metabolic functioning and improves recovery time after an injury. Further, it helps prevent injury and other secondary conditions brought on by lack of exercise and/or improper nutrition.

Our program provides individualized, one-on-one nutrition and performance coaching and education in coordination with the individuals' on and off duty performance goals and lifestyle. The hands-on approach, concepts, and experience behind the team of Tactical Athlete Nutrition is unmatched, and provides top quality service and practical tools to produce positive results. This is done through in-person assessments, testing, training sessions and workshops.

Workshops are tailored to your organization's needs! Topics can vary depending on the goals of your organization! Workshops are also available for 1 hour, half-day or other time slot options. Contact us to discuss further details and to set up your workshop today!

If you are a department, organization or municipality interested in bringing first class programming to assist your team, please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch ASAP.

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